Sony Has Patented an Esports Betting System

Sony Has Patented an Esports Betting System

The last couple of years have demonstrated a radical shift towards esports tournaments irrespective of the organizing committee (officials or third-party). The traditional betting markets have started to realize the benefits of esports, and thus some of them have started including gambling.

A recent Sony patent is reportedly adding an automated system that will enable betting via gaming consoles. The company learned that the gaming enthusiasts are presently concentrating on esports to turn their passion into a monetary benefit. The same would be a legalized format of betting and consequently drawing unforged rewards whatsoever.

According to Gamerant, the patent was filed on May 13, 2021, and was named as – Esports betting platform. The patent is not in relation to PlayStation but has a connection with the generic term computer simulation devices enabling advanced risk detection. Further, the odds presented to the user would be auto-generated based on the analytics of the game’s past scores.  

Esports event broadcasting will now be held via cable source or satellite. Also, gaming consoles like PlayStation 5 will be displaying betting odds to the players based on past analytics to add distinctiveness. The system will offer various betting propositions wherein players with betting history will be allowed to cash out or go for the double down.

However, Sony has not released any official statement on the patented Esports betting. Some believe that this is another gossip-wire as video games and gambling are very debatable topics. And,  this is not only restricted to gamers, but the legislation also comprises the same. 

On the contrary, if the news is correct, then it will give rise to many questions revolving around the choices Sony is speculated to make. The same would be very interesting to see Sony launching its dominance over the market. 

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