BGC and IBIA Sign Agreement on Betting Regulations

BGC and IBIA Sign Agreement on Betting RegulationsBGC and IBIA Sign Agreement on Betting Regulations

In recent years there has been a heavy shift towards online wagers and betting. European countries have somehow developed trust in online sports betting, and the reason is still unknown.

The Betting and Gaming Council (BGC) and the International Betting Integrity Association (IBIA) have signed a Memorandum of Understanding. The goal of the agreement is to promote regulated betting market frameworks and related integrity provisions. The entities represent the largest regulated sports betting operators in the world and will coordinate their global activities in existing and emerging markets.

European countries that are following the trend are coming up with a digital infrastructure to allow Gambling Commission and Gaming Authorities to license sites and form a regulation for them. In all, they are planning for a responsible gaming infrastructure. For the igaming and betting industry, this is a very positive sign. The future for betting and wagers is bright for both the governments legalizing them and the players.

Gaming regulations act as a filter for safe betting websites in the countries they are implemented. If you are looking for an online betting and wagering website, try checking the license. If the license is from your country, then you can expect the best standards from the website. Therefore, never be in a rush before finalizing the online betting website. It is highly recommended to run a thorough check across the internet as some of the websites offer various tools which can help you maintain self-control while betting on any sports event.

Also, there are now betting sites that offer online sports streaming. But, beware and ensure that watching the sport doesn’t require any extra charges or any for betting. These applications could be manipulative for their personal interest. The future of igaming, betting, and wagering seems to be positive in European countries.

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