Pointsbet Introduces “Always on” Live Betting with No Suspension

Pointsbet Introduces "Always on" Live Betting with No Suspension

PointsBet, a sports gambling operating company, is now the first in the United States to offer in-game suspension-free gambling, doing so throughout an NFL match between the Cincinnati Bengals and the Las Vegas Raiders. In the NBC game broadcast, PointsBet’s “always-on” function was successfully tested. It offered live betting odds on the point difference and winner to clients with no suspensions that prevented bets from being placed.

The technology for this was developed in response to PointsBet’s Mar 2021 acquisition of Dublin-based data company Banach Technology. The agreement was reached with the goal of incorporating more innovative in-play wagering new tech into PointsBet’s sports gambling offering.

The acquisition was critical in achieving the latest milestone, but it also enabled PointsBet to increase the product delivery and the rollout of business-leading modeling techniques, systems, and product lines, with a greater emphasis on in-play remedies, according to the corporation.

The in-play column became one of the most requested solutions by consumers. It’s despite the fact that live betting has traditionally been correlated with a greater entry-level due to the speed of the wagers and the general difficulty in properly predicting the outcomes. Last but not least, markets frequently fail, and bets are voided.

But even so, the exercise has been directly associated with increased interaction with sports fans, which has reflected favorably on brand names. Aitken, CEO of PointsBet USA, has encouraged the chance to broaden this offer.

When PointsBet procured Banach Technology, the goal was clear: to create an “always on” in-game wagering technical expertise at PointsBet. Since their acquisition, that patented technology has matured faster than they anticipated, so they put it through its paces in a National Football League playoff series.

PointsBet launched a new online & mobile sports gambling in Virginia, as well as agreed to a multi-year agreement with the University of Maryland Athletics organization. Such launches also inspires online crypto sportsbooks to expand, as the pandemic has affected the local gambling and people are moving towards online gambling.

During the National Football League’s Saturday Playoff, their clients had 100 percent high availability and zero suspensions on the in-game spread and the betting line, which they assume are the very first time this has happened in the United States. While this check concentrated on Moneyline markets and spread, it also provided a glimpse of the future where they can take their technology in the future to provide a totally different experience while placing bets in play.


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