Oregon Man Accused of Murdering His Father in the Mill Casino RV Lot, Leaving Two Others Dead

Oregon Man Accused of Murdering His Father in the Mill Casino RV Lot, Leaving Two Others Dead

In Oregon, the police authorities had to spend their weekend looking for the man responsible for executing three brutal killings, Oen Evan Nicholson, at The Mill Casino RV Lot in the North Bend region. The reports revealed that the culprit turned himself into a cop and forced his friend to drive him to the homicide spot from Wisconsin. In this nerve-curdling incident, the suspect mercilessly ran over his vehicle on an elderly couple from Florida and his father on the same premises. 

According to the statements given by the officials, the incident led to Anthony Oyster and Evan’s father, Charles Simms Nicholson. While the husband took his last breath at the crime scene, the wife, Linda Oyster, was taken to the hospital in a very critical condition on Sunday. The officials did not disclose the details about the murder of Charles Nicholson. However, a Facebook post by them conveyed that he was the father of the suspect. After executing the brutal murders, Evan moved to the Herbal Choice Marijuana Dispensary in the same vicinity. He then shot a woman named Jennifer L. Davidson there.

The Oregon District Attorney, R. Paul Frasier, said that Linda is struggling for life in a press meeting. She is in a very critical condition as she was severely injured during the incident. The authorities have managed to find the truck used by Evan to succeed in his plan. The pickup truck was of his father and was set on fire after the killings.

The culprit was recorded fleeing to the dense jungles of the North Bend region with a firearm for his protection. The officials have made timely announcements about the suspect and his crime. They have requested the locals to inform the cops if they see him. The locals are instructed to be away from him as he has arms and is dangerous. The details about his looks and physique have been circulated so that people can help to locate him and get him arrested by the police.

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