Select Committee Approves Ohio’s Sports Betting Bill

Select Committee Approves Ohio's Sports Betting Bill

The Ohio Select Committee has approved the state’s betting bill- SB 176 to the Senate. The committee has also approved significant changes to the bill post-reviewing 45 amendments submitted by the committee.

The bill will now be moving to the Senate and the House. If the bill is approved by both a signed by Gov. Mike DeWine, the state will then start accepting applications for sports betting licenses from January 1, 2022, but will only award licenses post-April 1, 2022.

Changes in the Ohio Sports Betting

There were some significant changes in Ohio sports betting in the brief committee meeting. Under new changes, the bill will now have three types of licenses. The creation of Type C licenses will allow sports betting kiosks to be installed in retail establishments with D-class liquor licenses. Under the type C license, below are some pointers-

The Ohio Casino Control Commission will select not less than three vendors to operate licenses, and not more than 20 licenses will be granted.

The commission will not give any preference to Type C license applicants having contracts with the state lottery.

  • $100,000 initial fess and $25,000 renewal fee in every 3 yrs
  • Hosts will not be allowed more than 2 kiosks in a retail establishment
  • Kiosks will accept money line and spread bets
  • Credit and debit cards will be the only form of payment accepted.

In addition to these charges, there will further changes to Type A and Type B licenses. The Type A license will allow state entities to have the ability to bet, like the state’s 11 casinos and racinos.

Types B licenses will be issued for brick-and-mortar sportsbooks. Moreover, there is an increase in the maximum amount of Type A licenses from 20 to 25.

Some of the changes in Type A and Type B licenses-

  • Type B licenses are accepted in counties with more than 100,000, as per the 2010 US census.
  • Counties with a population of more than 100,000 to 100,000-500,000 will have no more than 1 type B licensed.
  • Counties with more than 500,000 and 1 million will have no more than two type B licenses.
  • Type B licenses will be awarded to bidders having a good economic condition in the country.
  • The type B license will have $100,000 and a renewal price of $25,000 every 3 yrs.

Sports Franchises will have Preference

The senate also voted state’s professional sports franchises will have preferences to get Type A and B licenses. It will include having a franchise in MLB, NBA, MLS, NFL, and operators with sports facilities hosting annual tournaments.

Professional sports franchise licenses will contractually appoint an operator would be considered as “Management Service Provider.”

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