1xBit Now Accepts Solana as a Payment Method

1xBit Now Accepts Solana as a Payment Method

Bitcoin started the trend of adopting digital currencies. Its prices skyrocketed overnight as traders calculated potential that was worth risking a few dollars. However, it suffered from the drawback of being scalable enough in the future.

Ethereum entered the picture to tap the market and offered traders what Bitcoin could not: Scalability. Despite a lot of commitments, Ethereum also began experiencing drawbacks related to higher transaction fees and long processing time. Developers pitched in to say that they were not entirely happy with the complicated and unpopular programming language as well.

1xBit Now Supports Solana

A player had to enter to ensure that the Crypto world did not crumble down to its knees. Solana stepped up and solved all the problems. It struggles to capture the market in terms of valuation and trading prices, but many have transferred to the ecosystem of Solana to make their presence better.

Solana is undoubtedly a player that any online casino would want to land. Assuming the majority of circumstances remain the same, Solana may surpass other digital coins soon.

Many online casinos accept different Cryptocurrencies to offer options to their users. Some digital currencies always stand out.

1xBit has become a new entrant as a Solana Casino by announcing that it supports Solana on its platform. The acceptance of Solana is an attempt by 1xBit to maintain its spot as one of the best online casino platforms.

Users of 1xBit have another option to settle their payments with the platform. Community members of Solana also benefit from this strategic partnership. The members will be able to adopt online sportsbooks as a means of liquidity.

Solana is one of the few players that vastly support online casinos. Since it brings in the factor of scalability, entrepreneurs find it convenient to maintain the quality of user experience and security on their respective platforms.

Many had called Solana, their messiah in the times when Ethereum and Bitcoin were unable to meet their specifications.

Solana tackled the issues faced by Ethereum through a hybrid approach of blending Proof-of-History and Proof-of-Stake. Also, it enables 1xBit to process more than 50,000 transactions every second while maintaining the transaction fee of $0.01 or less for every transaction.

The Bank of America once appreciated Solana specifically for its transaction speed. The bank said that Solana had the capability of becoming the Visa of digital assets.

1xBit is truly determined to maintain its top spot in the industry. It has even launched a promotional campaign of awarding up to 7 BTC to users upon making their first-four deposits on the official website.

Users who access 1xBit regularly will experience that the list of payment acceptance has grown substantially. The platform now accepts Solana and more than 40 other Cryptocurrencies. However, many believe that Solana is an excellent addition to the platform.

The addition is expected to go a long way as the team behind 1xBit expressed its satisfaction with the governance structure of Solana, emphasizing that it was strong enough to protect the ecosystem from any external disruption.

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