How Technology is Transforming the Casino & Gambling Industry?

Technology and Casino

Gambling has been known to mankind since the 8th century, with some accounts of the early 6-faced dice dating back to even 3000 BC. Needless to say, gambling and the casino industry has evolved over the years and transformed for the better with the advent and progressive development of technology.

An Overview

Gaming coalesces with gambling giving rise to the popular casino games are no longer limited to the dice and table games. Whether it is the slots machine or roulette, the thrill and excitement of casinos can never be unmatched. And, with the advent of technology or rather its progressive advancement, the casino games were introduced online.

It not only made it easy but convenient as well, while the gamers were not limited to time, travel, and space constraints. Technology made it possible for players to gamble responsibly from the comforts of their homes. 

That being said, technology has played a major role in transforming gambling and gaming at the land-based casinos as well. In fact, technology has made it safer and convenient; let’s find out how.

How technology is used by the casino & gambling industry?

The use of technology is evident in land-based casinos, whether it is the RFID chips used in poker for added security or the facial recognition software or the digital betting kiosks. Needless to say, casinos also make use of technology to increase their traffic and to bring in new visitors. This is done by making use of a player, or customer database enabled technology in the form of CRM and technology-driven predictive analysis. 

While this may be true, technology has revolutionized the online gaming and gambling industry as well by paving the way to online casinos. And, over the decade, online casinos have experienced progressive growth in terms of game fairness and the introduction of new and better casino games including esports and sportsbook. 

How technology is changing the casino industry for better?

Breaking the stereotype of connecting casinos to the rich or the privileged, the online casinos have a broader customer base. In fact, the saturated online casino and gambling industry is looking out for technology-enabled innovative methods to increase traffic. 

Provably Fair Games 

Land-based casinos have machine games like slots and roulette, where the players’ winnings depend on sheer luck or the machine itself. However, the online casinos have made it fair and square with RNG algorithms and provably fair games, which yet again is backed by technology.

And, not to mention the myriad of new and exciting games other than the classic versions that are customized to meet the varied needs and fancies of each and every player made possible by the world wide web. 

Blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies

Blockchain technology, which is open-sourced and decentralized, offers added security and anonymity to players. This is one major improvement enabled by technology that has drastically increased the number of players visiting the online casinos making use of blockchain systems. However, you should also know more about why online casino and gambling need blockchain technology. As by that, you will understand the benefits of it and can play with complete assurance.

The use of cryptocurrencies like Ethereum, Bitcoins, Litecoin, Dogecoin, to name a few, is yet another example where players can deposit and withdraw cryptos rather than the FIAT currencies. Needless to say, Bitcoin transactions or the use of other cryptos has also popularised the online casino and gambling industry.

Virtual Sports and Games

Recently esports is making rounds with virtual sporting events for players to bet on alongside regular sports betting. In fact, virtual reality games are soon rising in popularity and are becoming a whole new genre of casino games. And, this yet again is a fitting example of the transformation of the casino and gambling industry induced by technology. 


Technology has transformed the casino and gambling industry for the better. Right from making it secure for both players and the casinos to bringing home the myriad of casino games online, the advancements are many. 

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