Things to Know Before Playing Crypto Poker in Online Casino

Things to Know Before Playing Crypto Poker in Online Casino

The fact is not hidden from the world that Cryptocurrency is gaining acceptance from most parts of the world and industries. With such an increase in demand, Cryptocurrency soon was adapted by a payment mode on major online sites. 

The gambling industry soon was seen following the similar trend as they adopted cryptocurrency. As online users are increasing rapidly on digital gambling sites and poker games, cryptocurrency also joined the league with greater rewards and bonuses for users. And in no time, Crypto poker became one of the most searched games online. 

What Is Crypto Poker?

Many users, especially beginners, generally wonder if Crypto poker is any different from traditional poker. Well, it is not the concept of the game but the concept of payment that differs. 

Crypto poker game is based on the similar concept that of poker, but the transactions are realized in Cryptocurrency rather than any fiat currency. Many sites are now offering crypto-based poker games as the rewards and returns are quite impressive. 

Working of the Crypto Poker

To play Crypto poker, users much have an account on cryptocurrency exchange and wallet to make successful transactions. Once done, users can choose their respective poker room on a reliable site and keep playing. 

Remember, to choose the credible platform ONLY. If they win the game and rewards, they can easily withdraw their returns on the crypto wallet, which is used to store their digital coins. 

Is Crypto Poker Legit/Legal?

Aha! A classic question by almost every new user on the crypto platform. Yes, Crypto poker is legit. However, users must be careful while choosing the site to play crypto poker. Many fake platforms commit bonuses and rewards, but as you join their poker room, you understand the hollowness of the site. So be careful of such sites, especially if they are not regulated. 

Know These things Before You Play Crypto Poker

Hang on people! This is not just over yet! Before you look for a reliable site to play and register an account for a crypto wallet, there are certain things you must be aware of. Let’s go through the same. 

  • A Smaller Selection of Arcades & Games

Games on Crypto gambling sites are similar to that of traditional gambling sites, but with certain limitations. However, the selection of games might be much lesser than you expect. Poker games, for example, might be limited to just Texas Hold’em and Omaha. So explore the crypto poker site, before you register. Get more information on how to play online crypto poker games.

  • Bitcoin Might Be The Only Available Option

Since crypto gaming is still a fresh concept in many parts of the world, gambling site generally offers users to make payments only in Bitcoin (BTC). So if you have Ethereum (ETH) in your crypto wallet, make sure you check the availability of the coin on the gaming platform first.

  • Transaction Fees Can Be Head Turning

You might have heard that crypto transactions are quick and easy. But did you know that the transaction fees might be more than your wagering amount! Let’s say you wish to bet 0.002BTC, your transaction cost might be as higher as 0.004BTC. So, in total, you will be out of 0.006 BTC, which can be a head-turning point. So do your calculation beforehand.

  • Losing Money Value Before You Begin Playing

The valuation of a fiat currency, be it US Dollar or Indian Rupee, does not change or alter, and we all know that! But the value of a BTC coin or a bit of a coin changes every day, probably every hour. So, when you deposit 0.002BTC and Bitcoin price tanks, the value of 0.002BTC will degrade accordingly. So even before playing poker, you already lost the value of BTC.

  • Gaining Money Value Before You Begin Playing

Don’t be sad. There is a good side too. When you bet 0.002BTC for playing poker and the Bitcoin value escalates, then the value of money is already higher even before using the poker room. So the volatility of digital coin like Bitcoin works as an advantage too.

  • Cryptocurrency Economy Is Not Realy a Bubble

Many users think that the crypto economy is a bubble, which might burst one day. But the truth is that some of the popular and strong cryptocurrencies will survive and thrive with time. So if you win BTC in poker, the best advice is that you store it for a longer time so you can benefit from its seeds.


Now, we hope that crypto poker’s concept and cryptocurrency alone is now clear in your head. Once these clouds are clear, you can make a clear bet and decision whether crypto poker is your choice or not. And if the answer is yes, you go ahead and enjoy the game of decks. After all, who will say no to rewards earned in Bitcoin, isn’t it!

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