How to Win at Penny Slots Machines?

Win at Penny Slots Machines


If you ask any person who visits Las Vegas about their desired casino game then you will hear about penny slot games. They are the most popular game in any casino. They are called penny slots because of their low-risk nature, low cost, and certainly as a marketing technique to attract more players. 

A huge casino can offer don blackjack tables, but a penny slot parlor will be full of slot machines acquired from several manufacturers. In this article, we will explain a few tips on how to win on penny slot machines.

Tips on How to Win on Penny Slot Machines

If you are a slot player having a small amount of bankroll and looking for fast action, then penny slots are the right place. If you want to find where are the loosest slots in Vegas, then they can be found by region.

Here are the few tips on how to win on penny slot machines

  • Learn About Slot Machines

First, you need to check the jackpot on the penny slot machines; you can find that they are not of the same size. This is a major problem that many players face when they learn and start to play with these slot machines. When you have learned how to play on these machines, you can use it to get more free spins. If you get free spins, you can practice and do better when you are playing with the slot machines

  • Learn Rules of the Game

You should take time to learn about the rules of the slot game. When you have learned about the game rules, you can choose the game according to your skill level. If you are a beginner and have never played on slot machines, you can get started with few basic slots; when you have learned about how to play basic slots, then you can move up further levels and also to other types of machines. The only way to improve your slot machine odds in the long term is to pick a good penny slot machine with the best odds.

  • Eliminate Fear

One of the major problems that stop people from playing with penny slot machines is the fear of losing. If you can evict the fear, it will be much easier to play on the slot machines. Also, if you know the rules and know how to play slot machines, then there is no need to fear losing. 

  • Bet for Maximum Pay Lines and Coins

If you are about to play with the slot machine, always bet on the maximum number of coins and pay lines. Typically in a quarter slot, the slot machine offers anywhere around 1 to 5 coins per spin, which equals $0.25 for minimum and $1.25 for the maximum. The quarter machine includes free spins rewards, bonus rounds, and the progressive jackpot. Moreover, these games are designed to offer maximum perks; to avail of this, the player has to bet the maximum, and playing anything less will eliminate the game’s intrinsic value.

  • Playing on the Strip

It does not matter what type of slot games you chose, playing on the strip increases the odds against you. It all depends on the average payback rate, also known as the RTP (return to player) rate. It is offered on average to all slot machines. Playing on the strip provides the players with the lowest possible payback rates. As a Penny slot player, you will be against an 88.45% payback rate while playing on the strip.

  • Loose Machines

If you spend more time around a slot machine, you can hear players talking about loose machines. Today, large casinos have thousands of slot machines under their roof, making management not practical. Instead of placing specific games that pay more frequently in certain locations, they simply stock their venue with different mixed payback rates.

  • Pay Close Attention to Payback and Hold Percentages

While the house edge metric is for the table game players, the payback percentage (the casinos hold percentage) is for slot lovers. Big designers and manufacturers like scientific games, Konami Gaming, ICT(international game technology) are subject to strict gaming regulations, which need games to have pre-established payback rates.

  • Don’t succumb to Myths or Misconceptions

The casino games are preferred by different sets of players, these slots have given rise to many misconceptions and myths. This is because players cannot decide to influence their game. Further, superstition runs heavy in the slot world, and there are several myths associated with the slots.

Final Thoughts

To Summarise, penny slots are the best way to enjoy the casino, and it comes cheap, only when you know how to play the game. Using the above-mentioned tips, you can get your coins with the best bets at the same time you can avoid major pitfalls. Playing with penny slots is very simple to learn and easy to play, but it doesn’t mean that they do not have any mistakes which need to be taken care of. 

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