Cooperation of Casino and Poker Dealers in a casino

Poker dealer & Casino Dealer

An Overview

A Dealer, whether casino or poker, has to operate the respective tables, allotted to them. A dealer has to sit or stand behind the tables. These dealers operate the games by chance and make the players happy. They sort out the number of cards or the blocks to the players. They house the players and hands them with chips and payoffs. They have mathematical brains. Actually, a pro dealer can calculate money, payouts, cards, and chips within seconds. They need to be good at mental math.

Who are the Poker dealer & Casino Dealer?

A poker dealer or as a croupier assists the players on a gambling table. A casino appoints a poker dealer to help the players with the game. The poker dealer has to conduct the games for the players. They conduct the bets and distribute the payouts. Casino dealers, on the other hand, deals with the casino itself—the biggest rule, which both casinos and poker dealers have to remember that they never play. No matter how much the players instigate, a dealer never plays. A casino dealer makes sure there is no commotion on any table. A poker dealer makes sure his table remains clear of any trouble.

What Does a Poker Dealer Do?

Poker dealer has to be smart enough to communicate with the players. A good poker dealer has to keep his players hooked on to his table. A poker dealer should know when to hand payouts. His other duty is to make sure no player feels left out. He has to make sure every player on his table given equal attention.

Moreover, no players should feel cheated. It is also the duty of the poker dealer that the players feel satisfied and interested. Along with that, they make sure that no hand remains ideal. No matter how many players on his table, he has to make sure every player is all the time engaged in his table.

How Can You Become a Dealer?

Casino dealers usually attend schools to become a dealer of a particular casino. They take specialized vocational training to attend the degree and knowledge. They need to complete the necessary course of at least six weeks. Nevertheless, without passing out from a respectable school, one cannot be a casino dealer. There are certain schools and institutes which give training in poker and passing out from these institutes will help an individual to become a dealer. The poker dealer has to complete a training of at least four to eight weeks. Experienced poker dealers get better opportunities in the bigger casinos. The freshers should try at local casinos to become a pro.


The question is about understanding and tackling any given situation in a casino. The one who can deal with the customers and players in the best way would be a hit. The main thing is to make the table a hit and with each successful table, players declare a casino hit. It is the responsibility of a dealer to make sure the players come back repeatedly. One point to remember is that a casino is only successful when both the players and the dealers are not at the losing end.

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