Bunga 365 Launches Unique Rummy & Poker Table Game

Bunga 365 Launches Unique Rummy & Poker Table Game

Bunga365, one of India’s leading poker and rummy websites, released a number of rummy & poker games for its players.

In India, the online poker & rummy card game market is gaining good momentum. Keeping this growing interest in mind, Bunga365 released a host of games for increased engagement from players. The site presently offers two different poker variants- Omaha and Texas Hold’em. In addition, users will have an option to play other poker games, including- MTT sit & Go, STT sit & Go Omaha pot limit, Texas no limit, etc.

About Texas Hold ‘Em Poker

The Texas Hold ‘Em Poker is a popular poker game played on Bunga365 by players in India. The game allows players to deal with two pockets or hold cards and wait for 5 community cards to reveal. The betting takes place in four different rounds once the hole cards are dealt, the first three community cards exposed, the fifth community card flipped, and when the fourth community gets revealed. To win this game, players need to make their best hands with a combination of 5 cards.

Omaha Poker

Omaha Poker is yet another type of game that is a variant of Hold’Em played between 2-10 players. There are four betting rounds, but each player needs to deal with four hold cards and five community cards. Players should make the best use of 5-card hands from two of the hole cards and three.


Bunga 365 has live tournaments to bet and win a prize. Players can buy minimum amounts and win back a huge amount. If players win big, they can retire early.

No Limit

Players playing at Bunga 365 can enjoy No-Limit table games full of players and wait for the next raise. If players consider themselves risk-takers, this format is the best to go with.

Pot Limit

Players can play all-in preflop in games that use the betting format. Pot Limit is a kind of game where players can bet on whatever is available in the pot. In every next level, two or three pot-size increases, and one could carry all-in.

Bunga365 has earned itself a good reputation when it comes to real cash poker games online & rummy cash games. The website offers the best gaming options raising the bar in terms of quality for players.  

About Bunga365

Bunga365, earlier called the Erstwhile, is owned by WYZ Games India Pvt. Ltd. With over 10 years of experience in real money gaming is the first gaming company to bring bank-supporting transactions in India. All poker & rummy games on Bunga365 are legal in India and currently offer Pot Limit Texas Hold’em & Omaha and No-Limit Texas Hold’Em.


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