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Craps is a popular table game in casinos as it has the advantage of a very low house edge. It is also a game of strategies where you make use of the different bets to increase your chances of winning. For beginners, however, learning the ropes of the game is essential to understand the gameplay before placing bets in craps.

Introduction to Craps

Craps is a casino table game that is easier to play provided you know how it works. Typically, the craps table is run by four casino workers: two dealers, a stickman, and a boxman. In the beginning, the game setup may be quite intimidating with lots of betting spots, but when you get the basics right, the game is one of the easiest table games.

Crap Betting & Etiquette to follow

As stated earlier, you will find many betting spots on the table. The red betting boxes though have the potential for big payouts, they also have a big house edge. For beginners, understanding the three basic bets is very important, which are as follows;

  1. A 7 or 11 wins while 2, 3, or a 12 loses when the puck says “off” in a Pass Line Bet. And, if its any other number, it becomes a point while the puck says “on.” When “on” the dice shooter has to first roll that number before rolling a 7.
  2. Beginners must understand that odd bets have no house edge, and thus, pays true odds. It is called Odds Bets A where the pass line bet pays in the ratio 1:1.
  3. 6 and 8 are often rolled as frequently as 7. Thus, place bets on a 6 and 8.

Irrespective of the table games hosted at the casinos, players are expected to follow certain etiquette. And, when it comes to Crap betting, the etiquette to follow is quite simple, which are as follows;

  • Keep your hands away from the table

Assuming you are not the sure, always ensure not to hover your hands over the tables when the table’s stickman calls out “Dice are Out.” Especially when your nursing drinks, as there are chances for spilling the drink while lost in the excitement of the game.

  • Acknowledge and be courteous with the dice shooter

Ensure to place your bets even before the shooter gets the dice. It is etiquette to always wait until the dice shooter cashes out. Most importantly, whenever a dice shooter sevens out, never show your blatant disappointment, but take it in stride.

How to Bet on Craps: Steps Involved

Pass line bets are believed to be the best bets with the lowest house edge advantage. The following are the fundamental steps of the game of craps.

  • How to make place bets

Place your desired chips on the layout and ask the boxman to place them on the numbers you wish to bet on.

  • Winning the bet

If you have chosen an “on” number, the dice must roll that number before rolling a 7. If the shooter gets a 7, you will lose the bet. However, you will also win when your number is rolled. Also, note, your original bet remains on the table until the shooter sevens out or unless you ask the dealer to remove your chips.

  • The payout: place bets vs. buy bets

Understanding the payoffs and house edge advantage carried by each number is imperative. The house edge ranges from 1.52 to 6.67%, while the payoffs also differ for different numbers. Buy bets are similar to place bets where they differ where the payoffs and house edge are concerned. While the payoffs are comparatively higher in buy bets, the house edge is also on the higher end.


While craps is one of the easiest casino table games, understanding the basics of how to place make bets is very important, which is listed in this article.

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