A Deep Introduction About the Various Types of Sports Betting

Types of Sports Betting

Gambling has been a major source of entertainment, quick gains, and a status symbol for people across the world. Where it was limited to traditional board games in the earliest days, it evolved as a full-fledged industry with the establishment of lavish and luxurious casinos. It expanded not just in its operational capacities but also underwent drastic changes in terms of variety and options. This article will give you an insight into the world of sports betting, which is quite popular in the gambling community.

In the modern technological era, it is nearly impossible for one to remain unaware of the happenings around us and so not knowing about sports betting is simply an unimaginable aspect or thing. It indicates towards the popular gambling game where players predict the outcomes of a particular sports event and then place a wager on the result to earn profit from correct predictions. The legality of sports betting is quite ambiguous as it is illegal in most of the United States but is a significant activity in Nevada. Sports betting odds are a mechanism for players to opine the probable result of an event and wagering on the outcome. The big bets are predominantly a part of globally acclaimed games like football, cricket, baseball, auto racing, hockey, etc.  

Five Major Types of Sports Betting

  • Fixed Odds Sports Betting Type

This is one of the oldest traditional forms of sports betting and is widely played on all the major gambling hubs around the world. In this both the parties involved agree on the odds when a stake is manifested. The player places the bet on a team or a player before the match and is his predictions hit the block; his wager wins the payout. The rewards are paid at the agreed odds, even if the odds were moved later.

  • Live Betting or In-Play Sports Betting Type

It is similar to the fixed odds sports betting type as the participants are allowed to play their bets on the sports activities at fixed odds. The only difference is in the timing of wager placing as here the wagers are placed during the course of the game in real-time, but before the event gets ended whereas in fixed odds betting stakes are placed before the game starts. The concept is new and is widely getting adopted in a variety of gambling platforms.

  • Future Bets Type

As the name signifies, the future bets sports betting type allows users to place wagers on their favorite team or players playing for an event that is yet to happen in the future. This category of sports betting involves some of the biggest bets as they are usually played for global championships like Super Bowl, World Series, and NBA.

  • Total Betting Type

In the total betting method, the players do not wager on the winner of the game rather bets are placed on situations if the contest will be more or less than the posted total figure.

  • Parlay Sports Betting Type

A parlay bet is a pool of multiple bets culminated into a single big bet. If a player finds potential profits in five different games, including fixed odds, money line, or total, he can bring them together and make a single five-team parlay bet to fetch in a hefty advantage or gain. As on the five ‘legs’ of your bets need to win for you to become successful, the overall payout is much higher in comparison to the bets placed individually. A 10 to 1 payout on a four-team parlay wager is not a rare instance.

The market is flooded with platforms offering sports betting services to customers. Some of the best names include MY BOOKIE, intertops, bodog, SPORTS BETTING, BETONLINE.AG, etc.


Sports betting is fast evolving as a potential industry for gamble lovers across the world. The growth of e-sports has triggered the success of sports betting in a big way. By offering unmatched rewards, prize money, and returns, sports betting is giving stiff competition to other gambling domains. As more and more people switch towards sports betting, the arena is likely to grow in heaps and bounds in the coming years. With more legitimacy inclusion, the sports betting circle will become mainstream while placing itself in a better place than ever.

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